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Inno die casting, a professional metal die casting manufacturer in China, providing top quality aluminum and zinc die casting parts manufacturing service for global clients.

With ISO9001-2018 quality system and experienced team, we deliver excellent die casting service with best quality, lower cost, and on-time delivery .

Custom Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Parts Service

With over 20 years of die casting experience, we provide high quality aluminum & zinz die casting parts service

Up to now, we worked with over 150 clients from 30 countries all over the world!

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Our aluminume die casting service

We offer low cost and consistent quality of custom aluminum die casting  service for parts weight from  30G to 10KG.

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picture of zinc parts
Zinc Die Casting

With 12 sets of zinc die casting machines from 120T~800T in house, working for wide range of industries.

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Die Casting Mold Making

We have our own mold tooling making team and make die casting mold in house. Get products controlled from very begin.

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About Us

our casting workshopINNO die casting Co.,Ltd is a professional custom die casting manufacturer in China, specializing in precision aluminum and zinc die casting parts manufacturing service for global clients.


We are ISO 9001-2018 and TS16949 certificated die casting factory, with professional die casting tooling and die design engineers, we optimize client’s concept or design for quick-turnaround aluminum or zinc cast parts to market.


Our mission is to help worldwide clients build their die casting products with low cost and consistent quality. We continuously improve our system to meet and exceed client’s expectation, which also make us confident to be your best China die casting partner.

How We Deliver Die Casting Excellence?


We understand die casting parts is one of the most important component to the finished products, Meanwhile it’s costly and vital to product quality.  To meet and exceed customer’s expectation. We continuously optimize our system for better machine, more skilled people, green work environment, innovative mold tooling, and most refined process. 

Any of die casting project that we deal with would be scientifically designed, engineered, and manufactured. We work project throughout material to finished pieces, and ensuring each piece of die casting part is completely in accordance with customer’s specification at dimension, appearance, and fitting test. 

Our die casting system can be mainly summarized as below:

Design and Engineering

We spent more time on design and engineering stage before a project is kicked off.  Unlike other die cast manufacturers, INNO prefers to work deeper on die casting design and engineering stage, instead of simplifying engineering and turning into manufacturing process quickly.

When we take a project from clients, we provide detailed DFM analysis to check out if our parts are reasonably-designed for casting process. If needed, we will suggest our improvement solution for customer’s review and approval. 

After part design is refined, we will move forwarder to die casting mold design process. We would not start mold making process before our 3D and 2D design drawings is reviewed and approved by clients. In this process, our clients will be clearly aware of gate position, parting line, cavity number, cavity and core material, ejection system…

Casting Mold making

We make cost-effective, durable, and precision die casting mold in-house. From design to mold making, we aimed to provide customers first-class quality die casting products with direct factory price. Most of die casting mold made at INNO are $1500~$4000( the cost really depends on mold complexity and part size), and mold life can reach 500,000~1,000,000 shots. For steel material, we use S136, NAK80, SKD61, 8407, H13, 718, etc.

In order to avoid casting risk, we carry out Mold-flow analysis for each of our project. It will effectively avoid most of casting imperfection or defect in advance. Before mold making process, our engineer define detailed 3D/2D drawings for both mold assembly and mold parts. In this way, the final mold will be same as what we designed. 

Raw Material

Wide selection, first-class of raw material sourcing. As we know, the raw material is one of the most important factory to affect die casting quality. We source the first-class raw material from top casting material supplier. With wide material selection, we work for aluminum die casting material as ADC12, ADC10, A360, A356, A380, A413, B390, EN47100, EN44100,  and zinc die casting material for Zamak 2, Zamak 3, Zamak 5, Zamak 7, Zamak 8.

All of incoming material we sourced comes with Rosh and CE certificates. Meanwhile our IQC would inspect each lot of raw material and qualify it before it’s used.

Casting Process

With both cold chamber and cold chamber die casting machine ranges from 120T to 800T,  we work for parts weight from 10 gram to 15KG. INNO die casting is well-equipped with the-state-of-art die casting machines and CNC machines. At present, we have 15 Yizumi casting machines(8 cold chamber machines and 7 hot chamber machines), 35 Mazak CNC machines, and 20 drilling machines, and 1 CMM measuring machine.

We  work for aluminum and zinc die casting parts from 10g~15KG. Our monthly turnout is about 150,000 pcs of medium or simply complexity die casting parts. 


Our CNC machining

We are equipped with 35 sets of Mazak CNC machines in house. Because of precision requirement, some of features must be reworked by CNC or drilling machine. Needless to say, the quality of CNC work directly affect the final die casting piece. Therefore we equipped most precision CNC machines in house, which enable us to rework our die casting piece conveniently. By computer-aided-control, we program a work process and formulate the most optimized CNC process that repeated automatically and consistently.  

During the CNC working process,  our IPQC would monitor and inspect the working pieces from time to time. If any deviation found, we can take correction measures immediately.

our quality control process

Comprehensive quality control from raw material to finished products by means of material composition, dimension, and appearance inspection.  INNO die casting is an quality-oriented die casting company.  Delivering top quality of die casting products is our main value to customers. Our facility has been qualified with ISO-2018 and TS16949 quality system. With a 10-people of quality team including 1 QC manager, 3 QC engineers, and 6 QC inspectors, we perform strict quality control measure from incoming material to final shipment.  Whatever a sampling process or mass production, we check die casting work piece carefully by means of material composition, dimension measuring, and appearance inspection. Ensuring our clients will receive top quality products with zero defects rate. 

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